My cranky ahole neighbor

Four houses located in the middle of nowhere.  Three of the houses populated by single old men.

I am one of those men.

This week, Bill, my 86 year old neighbor, complained bitterly to Bob, my other neighbor, that I was ‘sitting in my car’.

Yes, sitting in my car.

First, I was not sitting in my car.

Second, in New York State only child molestors sit in their cars, and they are instantly arrested.

I mean, what the F?

And it’s not just that he is a cranky old man.  He’s been doing this shit for years.

If my lawn gets a millimeter too long, I get a message.  Garbage can out 10 minutes too long? Death sentence.

He also nails neighbor Bob.  Bob had a less than traditional mailbox.  Bad move, Bob.

I invited Bob to my house to watch the Super Bowl.  Considered inviting Bill.

A little bit of thought made me realize that Bill would examine every inch of my house for future hate bomb material. So I dropped the invite idea.

So, I will do the following.  Gonna bring Bill a book, and tell him to read it. And stop looking out the goddam window.

Tired of this crap.


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