Funny guys, jocks, and goood looking women

Wrote a piece about making women laugh.

This piece is a bit related.


High school. Spanish class.  Darlene. So incredibly hot.

I make her laugh. A lot. Does she like me?  Think so.

Work hard on this deal. Movie date in the future?

In walks Guy.  Major jock.  Football, basketball, big star. Good looking.

Personality? How do I describe? A male Queen of England.  Incredibly boring.  With a good dose of meanness toward lower beings (like me).

So tell me, fans, who does Darlene go for? Funny me or dull as sh_t Guy?


Guy, baby, Guy to the max.  She is on him like a green fly on a dead rat.

However, Guy is not interested. At all!  Which makes Darlene want him all the more.

She gets nowhere.

I am depressed and deflated. I would like to say this was the ONLY time this happened.  But it wasn’t.  By a mile.

So did I keep on being funny guy?  Sure. I was the ultimate one trick pony.  Nothing else to offer.

So what lessons do we learn, boys and girls?


Fifty years later, same sh_t.

Only difference is that Guy has a beer belly and a bald spot.

And that evens things up a bit.


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