To make a woman laugh…

Some men turn into brain dead fools in the presence of a woman…..

I am one of those men.

“Hey, Dana, the bakery girls thought I was Leonardo DiCaprio.”

Gorgeous Dana squeezes her eyes shut and shakes with laughter.

“Wha…wha…why are you laughing? don’t think I look like Leo?”

Dana bends at the waist, a tear at the eye.

“You reallyyy hurt my feelings, Dana.”

I look over at the other YMCA clerk and she slowly shakes her head.

Being the fool, and Dana’s laughter being my DRUG, I keep after it.

Now being as how I haven’t had sex since the Kennedy administration, eliciting female laughter is a great turn on.

And it’s not just Dana.  It’s just about every woman on the planet.  I’ve comically assaulted every woman at the Y, all of the bakery girls, and.of course, the checkout girls at the grocery store.

Do they all laugh? Goodness, no.
I have a miserable batting average at the library.

Now is making women laugh a new development?


Back in my college days I quickly realized that I would have to rely on something other then my looks to date good looking women.  So I turned to humor. It worked out pretty well.

But make no mistake about it. I am a fool, as a matter of fact, and old fool.

So if I displayed the expected wisdom of my years, I would cool it.

But that ain’t gonna happen.

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