Craig’s list mutilation

Craigslist has murdered more people than Ted Bundy.

Over the last few years,  I have read many newspaper articles about people who have been horribly murdered after responding to a craigslist ad.  And in many cases, not just murdered but mutilated.

Now many of these murders happened in response to ads for sexual services or ‘lonely guy’ conversations.

But that was not my shtick.  I just wanted a guy who could fix my serious house electrical problems at a reasonable cost. I knew that a local licensed electrician would probably cost me a thousand bucks.

So I contacted the Craigslist guy, and he agreed to come over. A pleasant enough fellow, and he seemed fairly knowledgeable.

But in the back of my mind was the craigslist killer issue. Would the guy  cheerfully fix my problem, strangle me, shave me, and hang my genitals on the mailbox?

The work I needed was fairly extensive, and the guy was all over the house. I always made sure that I never had my back to him, and that I could see where he was.

But he turned out to be fine, at a price which was great. He even bought an old car of mine that I had in my driveway, so I almost broke even.

Would I use Craigslist again?  I think so, but for bathroom repair, not bondage.


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