I’m with Stuart Scott on this one

Watching a segment about ESPN sports reporter Stuart Scott this afternoon.  Scott recently died of cancer, but prior to his passing he co-wrote a book about his life with this dreadful disease.

The part of the book about his immediate recognition of special moments caught my attention in an incredible way.  For example, if he was goofing around with his daughters, he would stop and say ‘This is a great moment.’

He would do the same thing regarding other aspects of his life, and continued to the point of his passing.

I have never been threatened by a terminal illness, but I have battled mental health issues. As I have previously written about, I spent three years locked up in a psychiatric hospital. So, like Stuart Scott, I take a step back occasionally and enjoy the moment, something I never did in the past.

For example, every conversation with my son is frozen in time and appreciated.  Having gone through a extended period of time with no communication, I never take it for granted now.

Getting together with old pals is another ‘stop and appreciate’ moment.  Tomorrow morning, I am doing breakfast with an old buddy of near fifty years.  We will do all the stupid stuff we always have done, and accuse each other of ridiculous misbehaviors.  I will cherish it all.

And I will always appreciate the opportunity to write stories, something I could never do behind hospital walls.  Every story, every comment, they all mean a lot to me.

I can’t send the same powerful message that Stuart Scott did, but I can give a distant second to his belief that you have to capture those special moments when they happen.

It’s so worth it.


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