Keeping up with the Kardashians

In the fifties, our parents would quietly whisper, “We don’t do that.”

That meant that certain behaviors just didn’t fly.  We heard. We listened. Usually.

The Kardashians, and the people in the Kardashian orbit, never heard that whisper.

Sister Kim came to fame by posting a porn video with a man (and her husband wants her to have a star on the walk of fame).  She has her picture on the Internet every day- and her looks, once attractive, are now quite bizarre.

Daddy Bruce, once a handsome Olympic gold medalist, is now a plastic surgery scarred nightmare woman wannabee.

And husband Kanye routinely disrupts music awards ceremonies to proclaim HIS choice as winner. Never mind the time, determination and hard work the recipient put in.

17 year old little sister? Countless hours on the plastic surgeon’s table.  Ian’t that illegal?

They are, by far, the most attention starved humans on the planet.

Tomorrow, something about them will be printed on the Internet.

And I will watch.

Need a life.


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