God, Guns,and Grits (Thanks, Huckabee)

My sister is totally committed, fundamentalist, Jerry Fallwell, pro-gun, anti-gay, and anti-abortion.

She spends a bit of her time working me over, who is none of the above.

She also posts many of her beliefs on Facebook, which I do not comment on.

But here’s the thing.  Her son, also on Facebook, is gay, and very openly so.  And as you might imagine, she struggles with this.

I think such a situation might lend itself to an irreparable rift between mother and son. Both fundamentalist and gays are not known for bending toward the other side.

So how does it play out? Mom comments often on her son’s site, and it is nothing but love, caring and humor.  Not a whiff of judgment.

If his stuff gets a bit ‘out of hand’, she remains quiet.

I find her acceptance to be a difficult, but special thing.

And I have told her so.

I think her basic human decency trumps everything else.

And that is a wonderful thing.


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