Bill O’Reilly is my hero

Let’s face it. If you can make up stuff, all sorts of shit, and get away with it, you da man!

Bill OReilly witnessed nuns getting shot in El Salvador?  Uh..maybe not. Turns out he saw pictures of them getting shot. I saw pics of Kennedy getting shot, I must be an eyewitness!

And he ‘heard’ a Lee Oswald colleague shoot himself outside his house…oops, again, boys and girls, one problem-he was not even in the state!

And there is much more!

So historically, who set the bar for news honesty?  Always one answer- Walter Cronkite. Walter never told us a lie. And that mattered. Because of him, all other newsmen need to be honest, too.

Which leads us to Brian Williams.  This highest rated news anchor for NBC lied about riding in a helicopter that was shot at in Iraq. Gave some excuse using the terms FOG and CONFLATION. He was SUSPENDED by NBC. Instantly. Six months.

So what does Fox do to O’Reilly? Nothing.  Not even a warning.

“It’s all a left wing smear campaign.”

So for those of you who still aren’t sure, here is a bit of news.

It ain’t Fox News. Never has been.

It’s entertainment.

And fair and balanced??  Yeeek

Do I watch Fox? Yes! I enjoy certain shows, like The Five.

But I am NEVER confused about what type of programming I am getting.

If you keep watching, fine.  Just know the difference between news and entertainment.

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