Playing dodgeball in gym class! Holy cow!

High school in the sixties was pretty boring. Sitting in rows, learning the periodic table, diagramming sentences… much snoozery…

And then…



But not just any gym class, boys and girls….DODGEBALL!!!!

Let’s get this straight…college educated ‘teachers’ would lead high school age boys in the following-

-Firing large rubber balls at opponents body parts, including faces and testicles.

– Ganging up on ‘special ed’ students so they would defenselessly try to fend off many ball strikes at one time.

-Bloody noses by the bushel, broken eyeglasses.

Supervision? Oh yeah, sure. Gym teachers at my school would spend the first 20 minutes in their office  puffing cigarettes (while bitterly bitching about work conditions) so that the few dodgeball rules could be happily ignored by the crazed kids.

And here is the kicker, gym teachers at my school, VALLEY CENTRAL, were GODS!  If a principal’s job opened up, a f’ing gym teacher was appointed to the position every time!

So, you may ask, were these dodgeball classes ever observed by supervisors?

Never happened.

And did we, the students, including me, LOVE dodgeball?

(Cloud of shame appears in the sky)

Yes, we did.

Especially when the teachers were on smoke break.

We would walk into the empty gym, see the balls lined up at midcourt, and wildly cheer.  I would always, ALWAYS line up on the same side as Al Lieme, a 90 mph fastball pitcher on the baseball team.  Did not want to get hit with his throws- he could bend your nose in an instant.

After dodge ball, we returned to conjugating verbs in Spanish class.

So here is what my daily school  period schedule looked like-

1. Normal
2. Normal
?3. Normal
4. Extreme madness
5. Normal
6. Normal

So what part of our future did dodge ball prepare us for?

Marriage, maybe?

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