Stairway to Heaven. Yecchh!

Led Zeppelin is and was a legendary rock group.  But they stamped their imprint on the 70’s in ways that many of you are not aware of.

Yes, their song, Stairway to Heaven, was the wedding song for EVERY f’ing wedding I attended in that decade.  And I attended a LOT of weddings during that 10 year period.

As a result, I grew to HATE Stairway to Heaven, and still do.  If I hear the first notes playing on my phone, I come very close to smashing it against a rock.

But as bad as Stairway was at that time, one song was worse. Much worse.

Bad, bad Leroy Brown.


‘Bad, bad Leroy Brown
Baddest man in the whole Damn town’

Uh, pure Dylan.

This is a terrible thing I am about to say.  When I heard that Leroy Brown performer Jim Croce died in a plane crash, I was happy.

And then, boys and girls, Don McLean bored us with American Pie.  And it just wasn’t boring-it was very, very long.  And it was played on the radio every half hour.  I was sticking sharp objects in my ears to block out the music.

Which brings us to MacArthur Park by Richard Harrison.   Insanely long. And… I actually…. loved…every minute of it!  Surprise!

Someone left the cake out in the rain!…What the he’ll did that mean?

I leave you with one unforgettable effort- Crocodile Rock by Elton John.

Dear God, I wanna be sedated.


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