This Year’s Girl

Pick up the kid at the train station. Music cranking.

“Dad, your music is pure Aspergers…Please!”



“Dad, I would rather puncture my eardrums…”

I look at him.

“Okay, Mike, I have ONE song for you.”

And I pull up This Year’s Girl by Elvis Costello live at the Hollywood Bowl…volume at about 50.

Vintage Elvis, the drums, the carousel like organ. ..looking so Buddy Holly. And, of course, a girl song.

And my Mr. Whiny is very, very silent.

“Ummm garble garble”


“Pretty good”

‘Pretty good’ from the kid is like winning the Oscar.  Never happens.

“Mike, it’s impossible not to get pumped on that song.”

“Yeh, I guess.”

Sooo, if you are looking for it, get the live at Hollywood Bowl version.

It’s just the best.

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