Dinner with Jesus

Jesus is here…

That’s right…here. On earth.

You, uh, did not know that?

Living in Orange County, New York.  Westtown.


And he is hosting dinner.  Fish, and loaves, and wine, and stuff.

So who is coming?

Let’s join Jesus as he sets the table.

Of course, important places are reserved for thieves, prostitutes and murderers.

Then, this time, writers and commenters from WOTL.

Follow as he places plates for THEM.

“Yes, BF, always talking Ireland…like I don’t knoweth the place?”

“Albert, so smarteth, how will I follow?”

“Marilyn, shalleth she muse?”

“Amnesiac, such gas! Beano for him.”

“Tom Dey, always astronomy, dost he knoweth I sprinkled the stars?”

“Lynn, is sheith a MAN?”



(Jesus sweating profusely)


“Crappeth-out of fish!”


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