Psycho Killer

“Greg, we will have a visitor for next week’s therapy session, a young lady from the osteopathic college”, said Dr. Sanders.


Such a fool.

Incredible,incredible fool.

WHY did he tell me about this girl?

Couldn’t wait.

Show up the following week at the mental health unit, go to Sanders office, him not there yet-the student walks in (ahem..well..a sweet thing).

She looks at me. I straighten up-

“Good afternoon, young lady, I AM Dr. Sanders.”

“Oh, uh, (puzzled) hello.”

I continue-“We will be meeting with Greg today. I must warn you, he has killed many people. You might want to sit close.”

“Uh, yes, of course.”

Dr. Sanders walks in-takes him a half second to figure things out.

Slaps his hands over his eyes…

Then looks at both of us..

“Uh, Cindy, I am Dr. Sanders, he is Greg…”

Cindy lasers me a look…and moved over 2 seats.

I promised NEVER to do it again.

Yeah, right


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