Lunatic of love

wpid-wp-1430249905479.jpegFor the life of me I CANNOT remember the name of this show.

3 am. Several years ago.

A show about prison life. Real stuff. Worst of the worst.

And out of the worst, one white supremacist cat who was purest EVIL.

He had killed people in the gruesomest ways.

He had a cellmate. Once.

Bunky went out in six bags.

So the film crew follows Dr. EVIL out to the rec yard (at a safe distance).

And a tiny kitten joyfully frolics up to him…

(Dear God, kitty, get away!!!)

EVIL picks up the kitten, looks at him, and gently places it inside his coat-his little head sticking out.

He then proceeds to talk ookum snookums baby talk to the little guy..

And then reaches into his pocket…


and pulls out little pieces of food for his tiny pal, softly dropping them into his mouth.

At this point, I am wiping tears from my eyes.

Simply the best TV I have ever seen.

How do we explain this?

Is it possible that even the most horrendously awful, evil human being…

has the tiniest capability for love and kindness?

This guy got me thinking…


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