My cell phone thinks it’s my ‘ducking’ mommy

wpid-wp-1430606053822.jpegWhen I type on my cellphone, it won’t let me type the word fuck. Instead it prints the word duck. And if I correct it, it switches it back again.

So this is what happens.

” My best friend stole my ducking girlfriend.”

” What the duck are you thinking, Ted Cruz?”

” Baby, baby, baby, you so hot ,  you and me let’s duck.”

” Greg’s car was pinned under the septic truck. Immediately, Greg knew he was really ducked.”

Do you see how it just does not work? If I try to capture passion, or calamity, or anger, I get none of that, I just get a ducking bird.

And right now you are thinking, yes you are, that there is a setting for this. I could not agree more. But I just can’t fucking find it.

So now you are going to have to settle for, “Ted and Midge ducked their brains out in the back of the 57 Ford Fairlane convertible.”

So tragic.


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