Manhattan magic

wpid-wp-1430669956704.jpegI drive into Manhattan quite often to dine with my son.  Without exception, I goosebump up at the vibrancy, energy and passion of that little island! Millions of people, of every ethnicity, constantly on the move.  And every one of those people with a passion for success. A will to solve the unsolvable, whether it be healing a child, constructing a subway, or finding the finishing note for a piece of music.

Yes, music…


A lonely, seven year old child stands at the window.  His Dad is carrying a box. On the side of the box, the word ‘Webcor’ is printed.

“What’s in the box, Dad?”

“A record player, Greg”, replied my father.

He sets up the record player, and then pulls 4 record albums out of a bag.

One of the albums was entitled  ‘An Evening with Gershwin’.

Dad puts the album on…

Might as well have plunged heroin into my tiny veins.

The music spoke of a very special place of energy, vibrancy, great artistry, and much more.

But at that time, I did not know of such a place. It existed only in my head.

I played that album thousands of times. The only 7 year old to memorize ‘Rhapsody in Blue’.

And years later, my first trip to Manhattan.

And I knew….

that this was the place.


In 1974, I dated a girl named Pat.  She had an insatiable curiosity of knowing about what made me tick as a child.

So I told her.

About a month later, Pat calls.

“I’m picking you up at 5. Wear a suit.”

We cross the GW bridge and I am excited, but have no idea what is up.

We park the car, and walk up to Carnegie Hall.

The sign says, ‘An Evening With Gershwin’.

Sweet Jesus.


Within 6 months, Pat was gone. She found another guy she wanted to psychoanalyze. And it was not a level 1 heart ripper by any means….

But she does hold a special place in my heart for that evening with Gershwin.


So today, when I drive into the city to see the kid, I download lots of music from Spotify.

What kind?

Are you serious?


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