The old white guy demographic

wpid-wp-1430528512819.jpegOld white guys are the ugly infant left abandoned on the police station doorstep on a snowy day.

We are the demographic that nobody gives a rats ass about. Nobody cares what we think about music, TV shows, movies, books, and food.

In terms of positive attention, we are one notch below child molesters.

Oh yeah! I almost forgot, women’s fashion. Womens fucking fashion. Like we get input!

Have you ever seen TV clips of a Paris fashion show? Can these babes ever crack a smile? And would it kill them to grow some boobs and asses? How about a cheeseburger and gravy soaked fries?  A little padding in strategic places goes a long way toward my view of the landscape at the YMCA workout room.

Now how do you qualify to be an old POS? Of course, being old helps. I am 65, therefore I belong.

But sweetheart, there is so much more. First, you need to pee at least 4 times a night. And if you look down, you are unable to see your genitals.And it takes you 10 fucking minutes to get up out of a chair. And of course, if you are out to lunch with your old fart friend, you both swallow more multi-colored pills then food.

Of course, the WORST is no smoking hot honeys leaving your pad at 5 am. Actually, no honeys of any type are departing at dawn. And that vinyl babe in the closet? Lost that loving’ feeling.

I do not want to be ignored, spat upon, and treated like shit.
I want corporate America to care about everything I do.

And as for those grumpy looking fashion models?

Miniskirts, baby, up to their belt.

And you can check in with us anytime!

Except, of course, during the early bird special.


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