The Strange, strange case of the walkers…

Strange things, we have all experienced them….


People walking. A man, named Elton, an elderly woman, a younger woman with a terribly deformed leg. Dressed in depression era farm clothing.

They walked the highways, the back roads. the side streets. In the brutal heat, the rain, the snow. And always, ALWAYS with the most peaceful, serene expressions.

They were offered rides and money. My Dad offered them rides.  They always politely refused.

They were spotted in Montgomery in the morning and Pine Bush in the afternoon. With a crippled daughter. How could that be?

Did they work? How did they get money?  Did they have a house?

As a senior in high school, we were very turned on to oddball things.

So we loved the walkers.

And since most of the classrooms faced Rte 17k, we could always spot them.

“I see them! I see them!”, screamed Bob.

And we would all run over to the windows.  Spotting Jim Morrison would not have created such a stir.

At the time, a popular band was named Jr Walker and the All stars.  So we named the walkers Elton and the All Stars.

They were cruising Orange County, but we spotted them up to 4 times a week.

But as much as our high school group delighted at seeing them, some of us agonized over that poor, crippled daughter.

Elton sightings lasted about a year.

Then they vanished.

In hindsight, they generated many feelings: concern, empathy, inquisitiveness, amusement, and terror.


Classmate Marie…

“I was terrified of them then, they were out of the X files.”

So what happened to the Elton clan?

So obvious.

The mother ship picked them up.

High school seniors , as they do, move on to other things.

But if you contact everyone of us, today, and simply say ‘Elton’, I guarantee you that you will, in every case, see a slow smile come to our faces.

They were truly a different experience.

Their lesson for us?

It’s not the 400,000 sq ft home, the cars, the bling, the billions.

The walkers were sent here to teach us that happiness is found so very far away from the world of insatiable wanting.

And they so nailed it.

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