She’s built like a B 52 (with video)

A woman who is built like a B 52 has lots of serious junk in all the right places.  The phrase, I believe, probably started during world war 2.

It was recently used in an episode of Mad Men by a slimy car salesman who wanted to sleep with one of the ad agency girls. As it turned out, he got his wish.

I will be soon going to the YMCA, and a nice young woman, Susie (aka Shakey Thang), who is most certainly a B52, works out there frequently. I always find a way to mosey into her general turf area. And  our conversations sound something like this:

Me-  Hi, Susie.

What I mean- Your ass is smoking.

Her- Oh, uh, hi Greg.

What she means- Stop staring at my ass.

Me- Is this your second time here today?

What I mean-  I can’t think of anything to say.

Her- No.

What she means- Someone call security.

Sigh. It ain’t easy being me.

It’s not like anyone mistakes me for Leo DiCaprio.

Gotta have something working for me besides too old and too fat.

Humor worked when I was 22. Not making them scream with laughs at 65.

Now there is a greater chance that Ted Cruz will be elected Pres then I will make significant progress with Shakey Thang.

But just in case!

.Mood lights and lava lamps in place.

.Alcoholic beverages featuring dead worms on hand.

.Barry White fired up on the phone.

And if  Shakey Thang gets mellow, I swear I will be up to the highest performance standards.

Please observe me and Shakey in action.


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