Was Grandpa lying?

wpid-wp-1434148233780.jpegIn all my years of hearing my father tell stories, or my retelling of these stories to my son, did I EVER question their veracity.  NEVER.

Did my Dad tell stories that may  have been a stretch?

ummm….yeah, i guess, sorta.

But it took one remark from my teenaged son to turn my world upside down.

I was retelling Dad’s story about witnessing the blimp Hindenberg fly above the gas station he was working at, towards its demise,  in New Rochelle, New York.  After a short pause, Mike said, “You sure about that one, Dad?”

“Whatta you mean?”

Mike replied, ” It just seems like Grandpa sure witnessed a lot of incredible things in his life.  Strange that it is so much.”

I paused for the loooooongest time.

Could Dad have been telling me lies?

I will tell you a handful of other Dad stories and perhaps you can help me determine if my  beloved Pop was nothing more than a BS artist.

1.  Dad heard the live broadcast of Orson Welles War of the Worlds, but never thought for a second that we were under Martian attack, even though everyone else did think so.

2.  My favorite- my Dad travelled by car with some buddies in 1929 across country.  Somewhere in the wild west, the boys witnessed a live, for real, gun shootout on the main street of a tumbleweeded town, resulting in the loser’s death. The winner of the  shootout walked  over to the boys and bragged about his victory.  Seeing a man die in person caused my father to lose his lunch.

3.  Before World War II, Dad was befriended by a dapper European fellow in New York City, and they did all sorts of stuff together. One day, after a lengthy friend absence, Dad spotted his picture tacked to a telephone pole- his buddy was a wanted German spy.

Now, in today’s world, is some of this stuff checkable?

I think so.

Good chance that there is some kind of internet document that shows the Hinderberg’s complete travel path on the day it burned up.  I would then be able to see if it flew over New Rochelle, as Dad said.

But I ain’t sure I want to  go there.

I think I am happier just choosing to  believe what I have  always believed.

The stories aren’t any less entertaining….

Whether they be true or lie.


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