I can’t fix nuttin’

wpid-wp-1434317485589.jpegHandy I ain’t.

I  know many of you are. My brother can fix his basement nuclear psychocelerometer with half his brain tied behind his back. And Dad could repair any squirrel torture/execution type device.

But there are few things i can fix.  And having been a homeowner at this location for 28 years, i have incurred much expense that others haven’t.

Furnace? nope

Washing machine? clueless.

Plumbing and electric? no chance

Carpentry?  zip

Car? pay up.

So that leads, naturally, to my old car.

When I returned  home from my mental health vacation, my son also returned home from college.  With a 2005 Honda, with lower mileage.  And he didn’t need it anymore.

Soooo, I took my 2002 Honda off the road, eventually thinking I would sell it for about 2500 dollars.  But I wound up keeping the car off the road for a year, during which the battery  died.  Had  no idea whether it still worked.

Two weeks ago, an interesting  young man, obviously a rough around the  edges kid  who worked as a handyman, came by to ask about the car.

And I gave it to him.  Free.  For two reasons.  First, had no idea whether it still worked.  And second, I thought he might help me out with handyman duties.

To put it mildly, this young man has already almost made up for what I lost by giving the car away.  Fixed two appliances, completely repaired the deck off  the back of my house, and measured up my furnace for a new two speed blower.

He has also offered to mow my lawn and plow my driveway.

Since I still don’t know if the car works, I have insisted on paying him for his work.  He steadfastly refuses to take any money.

So, I guess the moral of this story is that if you sometimes  take a financial hit on the frontend, you  get more then paid back on the tail end.

Or something  to  that effect…


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