Why can I remember my Dad’s 50 year old license plate?

TM 64

Dad’s license plate in 1964.

The retired plates would hang in our garage.

I always thought that TM stood for Town of Montgomery, where I lived.

I also thought that 64 stood for 1964, which was special for New York, because that was the year of the New York World’s Fair.

It was a blue New York plate with gold trim.

Also remembered my first plate, from a 1963 Plymouth Belvedere.    2775 FF.  Black with yellow trim.

But here’s the deal.  Can’t tell you my current plate.  It starts with DSS, but after that, I am lost.

But I have more exciting news to report.


In the sixties, a major construction project was undertaken on our road, with much of the activity happening in front of our house.

The lumps and bumps in the road caused hubcaps to fall off, often without the driver’s knowledge.  And I would walk out to the road and fetch them.  And hang them in the garage.

Now hubcaps of that time were quite ornate, and often beautiful.  And we had dozens of them.

Now take the hubcap deal a step further.

In central New York is a town known as Oneonta, where I went to college.  Forty years ago, on a lonely stretch of highway near Oneonta, a man had displayed thousands of hubcaps.  The shine factor on a sunny day was unbelievable.

Not sure if  he is still there.   Need to take a ride to my alma mater.


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