Do not laugh at him!

wpid-wp-1436224589084.jpegDick worked in a school in southeastern New York.  He also owned a gorgeous ski lodge in Vermont.

Dick was the father of a young lady who was an exceptional athlete.  He was enormously proud of the number of gold medals she won in ski competitions in Vermont.

Dick envisioned a handsome, ruggedly built athlete as his daughter’s boyfriend and  eventual husband.

But that did not work out.

Over  tons of whiskey, Dick poured out his disappointment at his daughter’s choice of husband.  And he invited another buddy, Frank, and me to his  ski lodge that night to meet the disastrous couple.

So, we arrive at the lodge.  There, sitting slouchily in an easy chair, is the  new hubby, Rick.  Fat, bald on top with stringy hair down the sides, he is slugging booze and chain smoking cigarettes.  We find out he is a drummer  for a rock band.

Dick is nearly crying.

Then  new  hubby Rick speaks.  Let  me put that another way.  He speaks only when a subject of interest comes up, and in a very quick, rapid fire, highly intellectual and enormously humorous way.

I bust out laughing.  Dick stares at me.

New hubby continues  down this path.  Now, both Frank and I are eagerly awaiting his humorous injections, and we  roar every time he speaks.

His newlywed wife beams.

Rick leaves to use the restroom.  Papa Dick is purple.  We are  instructed in a very clear way, that we are not to laugh at anything Rick says that night.

That did not work.  Couldn’t help it.  The guy was too funny.

We run into Dick a few days later, and we don’t say a word.  We could tell that he was in no mood to hear anything positive about his new son in law.

That episode happened about 25 years ago.  Have to wonder if Rick and his wife are still married. Also wonder if Dick  ever got over his disappointment.

Do I have a certain expectation level for my son’s spouse, if  he ever  ties the knot?  I guess so.  Can’t be too rough on Dad.

But I hope Dick can realize the positive that his new son in law brings.


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