Someone stole my Iroquois Beer Clock

Had a little something for you upstate  New Yorkers.  Owned a very beat up Iroquois Beer Clock, bought it as a freshman in college at a  town junk shop for a dollar.

And had it for forty seven years. Most recently hanging over a work table in my basement, can’t tell you exactly when I last saw it, but it was fairly recently.  Outside of a twenty year hiatus when it was hanging in my dad’s basement, I had it all the time.
Decided to write a short post about it last night, so I went to the basement with my phone camera to take  a pic of it.
And it was gone.
Looked everywhere.  Gone.
Felt a fury that was unusual for  someone who, at this point in life, stays remarkably calm about everything.  As beat up as it was, it was the only thing in the world I owned from 1968.  And in that year,  I kissed fellow freshmen coeds in my dorm  room to the glow of that stupid clock.
Have a pretty good idea where it went.  During the winter, I had a bunch of pipes freeze and break and I hired a guy from  Craigslist to fix.  At first, he was pure disaster- he roamed through my bottom floor and checked out everything I owned ( I know this because he turned on all the lights and turned up my ELECTRIC heater to 100 degrees in my rec room.
After calling him up to my living room  and QUIETLY reaming his ass, his work improved.  But I fear he may have loaded up on things he  liked.
I was going to share the clock with you folks because I believe Iroquois Beer was a Buffalo product, and Buffalo is a Iroquois bow and arrow shot from you Rochestertonians.  So I thought you might enjoy.
The picture below is not my clock, but is an exact clock I took off the Internet (and in much better  shape)
PS   I spoke to my college buddy today on the phone, and he remembered the clock, and he thought my feelings of  rage were fairly normal.

Anyway, that’s what he said.


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