Top 10 rock songs of all time

No, not a vapid millennial but a 65 yr old guy who loves rock.

Stuff you won’t see

1. Country- too many guys in cowboy hats and tight jeans, everything sounds the same

2. Rap- dreadful shit by dudes who, unlike me, choose to wear pants low, shoot people, and hate women



1. Enter Sandman-Metallica

2. Losing my religion- R.E.M.

3. Pretty Woman-Roy Orbison

4. St. Stephen-Grateful Dead

5. Funeral for a friend- Elton John

6.  Interstate Love Song-  Stone Temple Pilots

7. This year’s girl- Elvis Costello

8. No other love- John Legend

9. Psychotic Reaction-Count Five

10. Woman-James Gang

Substitutions are welcome, but in reality, it is my list, so all my stuff will stay in the long run


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