Open letter to Tim Cook on his gayness

Dear Mister Cook,

You recently have come out of the closet and this is a wonderful thing. As CEO of perhaps the most powerful corporation in America, your bold statement means a lot to the group you represent. Gay people at Apple Computer now are totally aware that they work in a safe, inclusive environment.

I am totally with you on this. I have two close family members who are gay, and they are fully accepted by everyone in the family. One of them is married, and that is great, too.

So it is pretty clear that Apple cares about everyone.

Not so fast.

You see, your company is in a multi billion dollar business relationship with rapper Dr Dre. Dre performed the song Bitches aint Shit, a horribly misogynistic, woman hating piece of crap.

And  there’s more. Dre also savagely beat a woman reporter name Dee Barnes, with the assistance of his bodyguards, in the early nineties.

Make no mistake, sir, when you took Dr Dre on board, you were sending a very clear message to women. And that was that women should be treated without respect, in both a physical and mental sense, and that it was OK to beat them and rape them.

Mr Cook, if you embrace gay acceptance, then you also must respect the rights of women. If not, this message is no longer directed to you. It is directed to women.

And for women, the message must be that you will no longer do business with Apple.

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