We have a convenience store!

OK, you’re thinking….I have totally run out of things to write about.

And this, my friends, may be true.

But bear with me for a bit.

There are four  houses, out in the country, surrounded by cornfields…..and my house is one of  them.

Our road averages about eight cars a day.

And we love it.  Since none of us are ‘keep up with the Joneses’ type of people, we don’t rush to add spiffy additions to our home areas, and none of us care that we don’t.

But because we are a group of four, we get very little in terms of the amenities that you are used to.  Let me give you an example.

Cable TV.

We never had enough homes to qualify for cable TV service.  And since I had a crappy TV antenna that received three poor quality stations from New York City, I was very limited as to  what I could watch.

Until 1994.

That was, by far, the most exciting year in our history.  Directv started offering services, with a tiny dish that my wife found acceptable.  And we signed up, and watched in amazement as the installer did his thing.

And watched in TOTAL amazement as we starting receiving hundreds of gorgeous TV stations on our set.

Getting Directv let us feel as  though we were part of the mainstream, and all four of  us had it installed in short order.

So, for the next twentyish years, nothing else exciting happened.  NOTHING.

THEN..two weeks ago, a short walk away (or a short walk for most of you, a short drive for me), a convenience store opened up in a strip  mall.

I have no idea why anyone would build a strip mall near us, or why anyone would place a convenience store as an anchor.  But think of it…coffee!  milk!  beer!  sub sandwiches! lottery tickets!  and more!  near US!

The convenience store  was definitely a subject for over the neighbor’s fence conversation with  Bobby Murray this week.  We just couldn’t believe it!

Now have I visited the store yet?


But today, OH YES TODAY my friends, I will visit  that store.  Not sure what I am going to buy.  Might not buy a  thing.


Now you might look at this as an ‘Andy from Mayberry’ moment.   And I would understand.

But hear us, you downtowners who are used to having everything….WE HAVE ARRIVED.


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