story line

ok, paco

first, all names will be changed…all input from u welcome as either ideas or actually written parts of  the story.  if i have a bad idea, let it fly…i can take it!

First,  we meet in 1962, i sit behind u in english class, immediately notice your ability to draw mad magazine cartoon art.  we are always friendly thru the years, but our lives go in different directions (or doooo they????)

Move on to college, careers, marriage (after long delay for me), parenthood, grandparenthood for you.

Reconnect via facebook.  Hook up for dinner. Reminisce, laugh, wonder about certain folk.

Then again.  Mention a fellow that was despised  for wronging a nice girl (Debbie S.) who committed suicide.  Wished him a painful death.  Happened.

Mentioned a fellow that  gave me a horrific nickname, wished him a miserable death and trip to hell.  Apparently happened.

Over the course of another dinner, five ‘awful’ humans were identified….four had suffered anguished deaths.

One left…..just one.

Minutes of silence…..the  realization that something had to be done to ‘fit the fifth  finger in the glove’.

Both of us knew Vin R, a former detective, that could tell us  the whereabouts and the interests  of the surviving creep.

Vin follows thru…the  creep still lives,  near our town, and his great  love is big game hunting in Africa.  He has many trophies on his living room wall.

It is at this point  that the chums think of  ways that the creep could meet a horrific, extremely painful end in pursuit of a great African lion.

This is the general idea.   Let me know.


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