Standing in line behind the guy who buys scratch off tickets

When I buy gas, I often pick up a coffee while I’m at it.  Therefore, I have to step inside the store.

Make the coffee, get into line.  Somewhere in that line, a person of very limited financial means is ready to make his or her move.

Just when I think I am going to make a quick purchase, poor guy orders a LOAD of scratch off tickets, five of one kind, ten of another, etc., until they spend about fifty dollars.  Takes for stinking ever!

So please answer this.  If this guy wears newspapers for shoes, where does he get the money to buy all these scratch off tickets??

You might think this is an isolated incident, but that is far from true.  More times than not, I will get stuck in line behind one of these people, and they all have gaping holes in their pants.

It’s my feeling that, along with cigarettes, these scratch off tickets are an addictive tax on the poor.

Should I go elsewhere for gas?

Same problem everywhere!

No escape. Time for electric car.


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