Old man and deli girl

wpid-wp-1430307279663.jpegIf you’re trying to lose weight, do not stop by the Gulf station deli on Wickham Avenue.  Their sub sandwiches are out of this world.

I drop in the other day to pick up a sub, and an old man is standing by the counter. Despite his advanced age, he is meticulously groomed, and dressed nicely in a casual way. He does not appear to be making a purchase. That is because he is not making a purchase. He has other things on his mind.

Old man’s attention is focused on the deli girl, who is easily sixty years younger than the man.  Deli girl is working hard to keep up with the sandwich orders.

“Watch this”, whispers the old man, as he tells deli girl the lamest of jokes.

Deli girl rolls her eyes.

You might take that as a snub.

You are sooo wrong.

For Old Man, an eye roll is worth 3 points.

A laugh? A solid 5 points.

A look with hand on hip? Maybe 1.

It is at this point that I forget that I am a customer- I am mesmerized by Old Man’s charming ‘courtship’ ritual.

“For the third time, roast beef sub with cheese!”, screams deli girl.

I break out of my trance and pay for my order.

I gather my stuff…Old Man unleashes another lame line.

I leave.

Another nothing moment in Nowhereville.

And I love it.


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