One hundred seventy two kids and counting

Poor Josh Duggar.

Poor poor Josh Duggar.

As we all know, Josh, eldest son of the one hundred seventy two and counting Duggars, fondled his sisters and one other girl, several years ago.

Because this was done, and because of the way it was handled  by his parents, their TV program was cancelled.

So, despite the fact that millions of idiots, including my beloved sister, SCREAMED that Josh was forgiven by God, the show was no more.

But let’s say big sister was right…God did forgive Josh for fondling very young girls.  Could happen, I guess.

But wait.


Josh done it again!  What luck this guy has.

Turns out that Josh was a client of  Ashley Madison, a sexual cheating site with millions of customers.  And as you may have read, Ashley Madison was hacked, and the clients  were threatened with exposure.

And that is exactly what happened.  And poor Josh made headlines for all the wrong reasons again.  We now know all of his sexual preferences (yes, he likes sex toys) and what he is looking for in a woman that IS NOT HIS WIFE.

Now am I smiling as I wag my finger because a ‘we are sexually more righteous’ group of fools is being taken down big time?

You got that right,  baby.

And will my sister once again insist that God has forgiven this poor fool?  Sure hope so.

Although God is currently rubbing his forehead and indicating that Josh has used up all of his available forgiveness.

The great news?  No more of these idiots on TV..maybe forever.  Now they are going to have to get jobs at Walmart and Kroger’s like the rest of us minimum wage fools.

I hear a lovable Satanic family of fun is next in line for the TLC channel.


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