Dr. Dre, a wonderful role model for young black men

Dr. Dre is in a multi billion dollar business arrangement with Apple Computer, which is perhaps the richest corporation in our country.

As a black man, he offers a path to success that many young black men, to this point, were unable to travel.

And it is important to acknowledge and laud Apple for their role in bringing a well known black man on board on a corporate level.

The result is that Dre’s headphones, marketed in conjunction with Apple, ubiquitously are to be found everywhere that music is played.

But wait….


Dre is the man who performed the rap song ‘Bitches Ain’t Shit’, a song that I urge you to google….for lyrics such as these…

Bitches ain’t shit but hoes and tricks

Lick on these nuts and suck the dick


OK, one bad deed means nothing..



In 1991 Dre savagely beat reporter Dee Barnes, while his bodyguards blocked off potential helpers, because of a perceived ‘disrespectful’ news report.

So, for this FOR THIS, Apple computer pursued a multi billion dollar partnership with Dre.

Is this post really about Dre?


It’s really about Apple Computer.  How in the name of God can the richest company in the USA, a company  that has millions of FEMALE customers and employees, engage in business with a creep like Dre??????

Somebody who is far more influential than an old guy who lives in the middle of nowhere needs to step up and exclaim outrage.

This can not go on.


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