In SUPPORT of a well trained militia…

My sister is a Born Again Christian.

And she luuuuuvvvvvsss the baby Jesus.

But there is one thing I think she loves more.

And that is guns.

And for the two or three people who read my stuff, they realize that  I am not crazy about guns.

Sis hammers me a lot with talk of the ‘second Amendment’.

Had I read it?  Yes.  But I never scrutinized it….before.

Ratified in 1791, it reads as follow..

“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

I read it a dozen times….and I came to the following conclusions…

First and foremost, it is about a  WELL REGULATED MILITIA…that is the first thing mentioned in the amendment.  Often, that which is listed first is of primary importance.

And the need for a well regulated militia would have been obviously important in 1791 (but not today!)

So, the right to keep and bear arms is in support of this militia (and by the way, regulate means CONTROL OR SUPERVISE).  Therefore, the right to keep and bear arms in support of A WELL  REGULATED MILITIA  shall  not be infringed.

Pretty clear, huh?  As long as you are acting on behalf of a well regulated militia, then you have to right to keep and bear arms.  If you are not acting  in support of a militia, nothing is implied or stated either  way.

Now can  the states fill the void and establish their own laws in this regard?  I believe so.

But that is  not what the pro gun people have been saying.  They believe the right to keep and bear arms  is a constitution right, and the second amendment is always cited to support this.

That is not what the twenty seven words say, however.

Do I want the  ‘goverment  to  take away all  our guns?’

Of course not.

I know lots of  hunters who are  a) very responsible  at using firearms   and b) don’t abuse alcohol.  And many private gun owners are  equally as responsible.

And even though I think there are probably millions of folks who have no business owning guns and SHOULD have them  taken away, it’s just an impossible  and insanely dangerous task.

The government tried to take  the  weapons from David Koresh, one ‘family leader’,  and we  all saw how that worked out.  Multiply that by a  million and the bloodshed would be incredible.

So,  what should change?  Some obvious stuff like open carry,  but all in all, not a whole lot.

Not because it isn’t the right thing to do….but it’s impossible to carry out.

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