Man with an AR-15 at Atlanta airport

wpid-wp-1436009006599.jpegI NEVER get through airport security intact.  And I have no fucking clue.  I am not of Middle Eastern descent, my name is not Osama, and I do not carry the Koran.

Yet, every FUCKING time,  I get to the point of stripping in a ‘private’ room.  I am a very large man.  Do YOU want to see me mostly naked in a small, sweaty room with compromised underwear?

So I shake my head with amazement when  I read a recent story.  A man, bringing his daughter to Atlanta Airport (one of the  largest) also brings an AR-15 semi automatic weapon with him.

And unlike me, he is just fine.

Juuuuuuussssst fine.

You see, it is fucking legal for  him to carry this loaded weapon in many areas of the airport.  And he knew this.

And he did.

Why?  First reason, because it was legal!

Second?  He knew there would be terroristic threat type peoples ( like MEEEEE) prancing about.

So, back to the first reason.  Airport police  knew that Atlanta lawmakers, in all their FUCKING INFINITE WISDOM,  had made it legal for this moron to carry this weapon into the airport. (Can you imagine, they actually discussed this and voted on it…’Yep, Goober, guns in the airport, man’s got a second A mendment right’) But the cops, much to their credit, realized, law or no law, this asshole was a potential source of great danger.

They  followed the idiot and repeatedly questioned him.

And totally pissed him off.

Too fucking bad, Mr. ‘ I carry my penis strapped to my shoulder’ guy.

For all of you folks in Atlanta reading this (maybe one), tell your moronic lawmakers that for every asshole like this guy that they have to follow around a giant airport, their attention is being taken from other ‘sinister types’  who just might BLOW UP YOUR FUCKING PLANE!

And as for the  next time I go thru security, please don’t stick your finger up there.


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