Parking with a real girrrrllll!!! for the first time.(1966)

parking“Now, Greg, during the movies, about halfway thru, put your arm around her shoulder,  and at some point, and this is IMPORTANT, place your hand on her knee, and go a bit north and south with it.”

“Got it, Carl.”

Now the movie was one of Peter Seller’s Pink Panther films, and that was such a terrible waste.  I was so focused on making some headway with Regina that I did not pay any attention to my favorite actor.

So, about twenty minutes in, I stretched my arm around her neck, and she nuzzled in….YES!

About twenty minutes later, I placed my OTHER hand on her knee…and this was a bit of an awkward stretch….but she did not push me away.

Following Carl’s orders, I worked my hand a bit  north and south, and Regina made a few adjustments, but all in all, I felt confident.

A word about Carl.  Carl and his girlfriend had actually GONE ALL THE WAY.  I did not know of anyone else who had done that.  So Carl’s view of me was of a somewhat paternal, amused onlooker.

After the movie, we stopped at an ice cream shop, had a few laughs, and then headed west in Dad’s Impala.  Carl and I had preplanned our post movie destination….the old, long driveway of Farmer Brown on Brown’s road (a favorite for many parkers).

I park the  car, turn out the lights, and prepare to make my major move on Regina….

“What are we doing here?”, Regina asked.


Carl’s girlfriend, Angela, burst out laughing.  Carl’s shushing of Angela only made her laugh harder.

“I don’t like it here”, Regina said.

I was a man without a backup plan.  If one were to rate all the times in my life where I unsatisfactorily answered  the question “What do I do now?”, this moment was near the very top.

I stared across the moonlit illuminated cow pasture, looking for guidance from afar.

No guidance was to be had.

I finally started the car and drove Regina home.  After Regina was dropped off, Carl hammered me with a million suggestions for next time.

But I was pretty sure there would not be a next time with Regina.

And that was true.

Eventually, I was succesfully able to get to second or third base in Farmer Brown’s driveway, but it would take awhile before I hit a homerun.

How did I survive that time in my life?

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