Jesus and ……guns!

My sister is an ultra right wing, born again Christian. Jesus’s name  is uttered in every other sentence  she says.  And that is fine.

But it’s what she utters in the other sentences that has captured my concern.  She speaks endlessly of guns, the  right to  possess  all that she wants, and the  government’s plan to take them away.

This is where  I get terribly confused and scratch my head.

It is obvious that today’s Jesus totally approves gun ownership, and might carry a loaded weapon himself when he returns.




I think the  problem starts with me.  I have not been very religious since the fifties and sixties, and I have a clear, yet probably outdated vision of what Jesus looks and acts like.  I see him with the  longish brown hair and beard, wearing flowing robes and sandals, and walking  through the  countryside.

He is all about gentleness, kindness, peacefulness and forgiveness.

This vision is obviously embarrassingly wrong.

In today’s born again world, Jesus approves and preaches about the virtues of gun ownership.  And he may well own a gun himself.

And today’s Jesus would minimize the horrors of Columbine, Aurora, and Newtown and insist that MORE guns are needed, not less.

So, folks, consider me updated.  I, like Jesus, will soon become heavily armed and  become one of the millions with  weapons.

The adrenaline is rushing as I think about it.


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