I have no idea what a sous chef is

Unsophisticated am I.

If I go out with you  to a fancy restaurant, where this is lots of silverware at my setting,  I  have NO IDEA which fork to use at any given time.
If the menu is in French, I  get up, wipe off the french bread crumbs, and leave for a good ole American menu type restaurant.
This all leads me to the following event, which  actually  happened  last year.
I was watching college football,  and one of the announcers was Jesse Palmer, an appropriate choice because he had been a college quarterback.
In one of the more remarkable  dialogues  I have ever heard on a TV sporting event,  Jesse starts talking about various wonderful restaurants across  the country.
And in one of the restaurants, he marveled at the wonderfully skilled ‘sous chef’ that attended the table of Jesse and his date.
I was stunned.  I had no idea what a sous chef was, and I was watching a football broadcast aimed at shirtless drunks from the state of Georgia.
Now  fortunately, Jesse’s broadcasting mate was the  sharp witted Chris Fowler,  and Fowler  machine gunned Jesse’s decision to  talk  about sous chefs on a football broadcast.
Made me feel a bit  better, but only a bit.
So what have you learned?
If you drive down to  visit me, you  might want to put in a reservation at Mr. Piggly’s Diner….
….or someplace with  ony one knife or fork
….or someplace  that only  has one chef, or maybe no chef, and  definitely not a  sous chef
….and a place  that does not turn you away for  deciding not to wear a shirt or shoes.
And as  for  sous chef, still got NOOOO clue, but I have  the feeling someone will be sure to let me know.

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