The Hudson Valley Doll Club

wpid-wp-1443727152744.jpgNothing more enjoyable than watching a child (usually a girl!) playing with a doll..brings a smile to your face.

But when the folks with the dollies are well into adulthood (40 +), things start to get uncomfortable.

Let’s go back 30 years.

We had just purchased our first home, and had our first experience with cable TV, and the Home Shopping Network.

Many evenings I would sit glued to the TV as HSN would display weirdly dressed up dolls for sale.

They would then take testimonial phone calls…

Oh baby.

Elderly women with North Carolina trailer park accents would call in and gush about their little porcelain ‘Tina Marie’ and how they LOVED the feel of their long blonde hair….and such pretty dresses!


After watching this for several nights, I told my wife all about it.  And she accused ME of being creepy.

So move ahead to last week.

An article in the local paper featured the Hudson Valley Doll Club, and included the picture seen here.  Seems as though the members were celebrating their dollies in the ‘pretty in pink’ mode.

Of course, what this tells us is that these folks have MANY outfits for their dolls, pink being just one of them. So, do we buy food this week or another outfit for Princess? Hmmm.

And what we can see from the picture is that these people are not youngsters.  Oh my.

The worst thing is that one of the members is a MAN. Can only imagine what’s hidden in his basement freezer.

I think there are certain things I would never ask these people to do…

.Babysit my kids

.Cook me a meal

.Invite me into their double wide trailer

Now, excuse me while I change gagball Barbie’s bustier.


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