I am Don Draper

wpid-wp-1435979818504.pngI am Don Draper, and here is why.  The star of the AMC series Madmen has now slept with every woman on the planet.  I have recently confirmed that the only holdouts, Tibetan cliff dwelling women, caved in to his charms.  And I am not going to explain the nun thing.

So since I cannot look like him or act like him, I will become him.  No more Amnesiac for me- Don Draper, thank you.  Here is what that means:

1. The bakery girls?  All at once, thank you.

2. The YMCA girls? With half my testosterone tied behind my back.

3. Library women?  The ultimate challenge- the beehive babes are never easy.

4. Flight attendants?  Please.

5. Grocery store checkout gal?  My phone number on a 20 should do the trick.

Now the real Don was able to accomplish this while being married to 2 women and raising 3 kids.  I don’t have the same level of challenges.

So where should I start? I have the waittress in mind from Tootie’s Diner.  We can recreate the kitchen counter scene from The Postman Rings Twice, and by 10 AM I will be on to my second tryst.

Of course, I shall report to you weekly, or after 50 encounters, whichever comes first.

Should have done this years ago.


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