Shocking story of orphan children!

wpid-wp-1437760110297.jpgSidd Finch did not have a clue as to what he was getting into when he put together a group of Yale undergrads to investigate the world of homeless children in Brunei.

Finch, a Yale professor of International Child Studies,  pulled together a mix of six men and six women, all experienced with  poor children, to make the four week trip.

As one would expect, there were many heartbreaking tales of destitute, hungry children who roamed the countryside.

And the Yale group came face to face with groups of poor children the instant they touched down at the airport.

While they encountered many packs of kids that worked as a unit to procure food, they were not prepared for what they would encounter during their last week.

In a small, rundown village, Kalkarta, a group of 10 extraordinarily precocious children rummaged through junkyards. They stripped old Kelvinator refrigerator parts and other items that were used to construct a power station.  They then went ‘on line’ using an ancient Apple Lisa computer, and proceeded to learn EVERYTHING.

And after a short period of time, they realized that hacking was their calling.

“The Sony hack?  North Korea?…No. That was us”,  declared group leader Rajneesh. ” We could care less about North Korea, but that movie was so awful that we had to nail them.”

“And as for Mr. Rush Limbaugh, we know your Ashley Madison sexual preferences profile, and we are sharing your ‘goat fantasy’ with the world.”

Rajneesh’s little sister, Shafia, then read off all the Yale kids’ Social Security numbers.

Then Shafia,speaking through her soon to fall out baby teeth, explained that the group’s next target was the National Rifle Association.

” Those guys are horribly dark, stupid, and dangerous. Therefore,  we have dozens of images of Wayne Lapierre in a naked love pile with Ted Nugent, ready to release”, Rajneesh stated.

When asked if anyone was aware of their activities, the entire group laughed.

“Who would suspect a small group of Bruneian children?”, they asked.

They went on to say that they were visited by folks from UNICEF, but they immediately transformed their site into a reverse Potemkin village for the duration.

Before the visitors departed, they were warned to behave or they would suffer the same fate as the Greek economy.

Funny thing about those Yale kids. They never reported the Brunei bunch. This post is their first exposure.

So now you know where to look if your bank account disappears.


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