Your workplace….and my workplace

I know people who have the perfect workplace at home.

And I am guessing, from having learned about you, that many of you have the perfect workplace.

Oh yes, let’s examine your workplace. (the first picture)

Bookshelf with alphabetically arranged astronomy books..

Computer on desk allowing you to peer outside window toward front lawn, THE PERFECTLY MANICURED front lawn…

Everything filed in file cabinet using system you developed while an Eagle Scout.

Oh look! A little palm tree…from the time you took your child bride to Tinseltown a few years back.

Yes, yes, the….the…..organization!


And now my workplace (the second workplace)

Notice the oak captain’s chair (oak holds up to big bods)…

The laptop on a bar stool which allows for simultaneous laptopping and TV viewing….

The kerosene heater pointed at my cold butt….

.Food! From every nation! Presently half empty Chinese food containers strewn about..

The table to the left, holding unexplainable, unimaginable detritus, including

.Laptop speakers
‘Sneaker insoles
.Clothes dryer fabric softener sheets (???????)
.Hair gel
.Prescription medications
.Salt and pepper
.Medicare card
.Bluetooth speaker
.Several wireless mice

.Droppings from a real mouse
.False teeth overnight container
.Surge protector


Look outside my window? Leaves, baby. Lots of leaves.
Rake them? Are you serious? Wait for the wind to make them my neighbor’s problem.

You know, if you walk into a sixteen year old male’s room and notice a colossal mess, you roll your eyes and walk away.

Substitute sixty five year old man for sixteen year old and you call Child Protective Services.


Now I realize that women may look at this picture and say ‘Whoa! I am NOT going near that guy!’

But women, I must say this, what I lack in organization, I make up for in cuddliness..and other things I can’t talk about on a family site.

You will just have to trust me on this.
Home-Office-Decorating-Ideas-Create-the-Perfect-Workspace-620x348my workspace

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