Zen and the art of auto repair…and paternity testing

MauryYouarethefatherGoogling around for a repair shop in Middletown that offers senior citizens discounts…brakes are acting a bit weird on my Honda, so I am gonna go somewhere.

Find an ad for Central Auto Repair on West Main.  Senior discounts (amount of discount not listed) available.
Also, other online coupons at the bottom of the ad…wow! maybe I can double dip on my discount..
First coupon I see is for a ten dollar discount on paternity testing.
That is correct.
So tell me, what is going on in the customer lounge of this establishment?
Start imagining….
“Mr.  Trump, had to replace your front pads, cost of two hundred dollars….
you my daddy.”
Perhaps Maury Povich is the owner of this shop.
“Mr. Cruz, two thousand for the engine overhaul, but millions in future child support payments.”
“Mr. Rubio, your car passed inspection, but it also appears that you had your rotors turned….”
Are there little Me’s  about that paternity testing will flush out of the woodwork?
Little tykes that have an unnatural yearning for large Slavic women…
And never pass up a platter of hors douevres…
And often use humor, only to be met with stony silence.
You know, there may be a senior discount at this place, but I have to give it some serious thought.

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