Black pants below your ass matters

sagging pantsBlack lives matters, and this is why…

Although I care about the happiness, safety and health of my son, I must admit that I PASSIONATELY care about another group much, much more.

And that group is the young men who wear their pants below their asses.  Affording me the opportunity to view their underwear covered buttocks, up close and personal, as I follow them down the street.

The only thing I ask is that they not ingest fudgy producing foods the night before.  THAT would be very, very bad.

Parents be proud!  And rightfully so.

As you watch your son exit your house in the morning (usually 3 am), your buttons must burst as you dream of them becoming happy, healthy and successful adults.

Doctor! you think, or maybe SURGEON GENERAL!  If not, certain a lawyer, CPA, teacher, politician, or RAP ARTIST!

And then your son can convert his earnings into twenty dollar bills and ‘make it rain’ on strippers at the local club.

Fucking wonderfulness.

As for those of you who might be uncomfortable with this post, a few things…

a.  I don’t have a job, so you can’t threaten me that way

b.  I am not running for office

c. You will never find out where I live….Hint! I do live in a SAFE SPACE

d. I don’t give a flying shit

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