Donald Trump and the American bloodbath

Today is December 2nd, 2015.

And within a month, a bloodbath will occur on American soil.

And among the dead will be American Muslims, probably worshipping in an urban mosque.

And it will be directly due to the reckless, truthless, Hitlerian statements made by Donald Trump.

Trump has made several statements recently about witnessing thousands of Muslims, in New Jersey, celebrating at the descent of the twin towers on September 11.

Despite countless media responses that challenge the truthfulness of this event, and with no video to support it, Trump stands by his statement….and he points to the support of his Twitter followers as ‘scientific’ proof.

I live in the New York, New Jersey media market, and I watched the coverage of the tragic events around the clock.  I did see video of overseas Muslims celebrating….never saw video of the same happening here.

So, as we have seen before, the most unhinged, unbalanced, and violent among the Trump followers will become a hero.  He will load his truck with the weapons that he has the second amendment guaranteed right to own, and he will drive to a place where Muslims congregate.

And he will unleash a message, written in the blood of innocent Americans, about what it means to be a REAL American in today’s USA.

And as we have already seen, this horrific event will only make Trump’s followers more rabid, not less.

And he will be elected President.

And the concentration camps will be built soon thereafter.

And the camps will be populated by the Muslims, the Mexicans, and people like me, the elderly who place a financial strain on the economy.

Should I relocate?  Perhaps.  Not sure where yet.

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