Torching Mother Teresa

Like it’s not okay to goof and spoof on Mother Teresa? Who does she think she is, or was?

Some little known facts.

Did you know Mother Teresa  and Gandhi were lovers?  He affectionately called her ‘My sweet baboo.”

Her habits were purchased at Saks fifth avenue.

She secretly kept a palatial home in Chappaqua, next to the Clinton’s.

She drove a Mercedes Benz C250 sport about town, with the top down.

While her flock was munching on carrots and stale bread, she took her boy toys to the Four Seasons, and charged it on her AMEX card. ( she did however, cheese up on the tip.)

She provided child laborers to Bangladeshi sweatshops. As a reward for this, Walmart put her on their board of directors.

Upon observing polar bears wearing air conditioners, she commented “I don’t see no global warming.”

Oh, she may be a saint to you, but you might have to look a bit more closely  at her record.

Now, Michelle Bachman, there’s a saint.


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