Poisoned meatloaf saved her life

The girl I saved
The girl I saved

In the 80’s my wife and I vacationed in Cancun.  One day we took a boat ride to Isla de Mujeres.  Halfway through, we stopped for lunch at a zero star restaurant.

After we re-boarded the boat, I started feeling ill, and as we progressed, it became worse.  When we arrived at the island, we had the choice of doing a walking tour or going to the beach.

Because of my nauseous state, we opted for the beach.  The only other folks there were a group of young Mexican people.

So I am standing in waist high water, hoping to settle my tum.

Then a great commotion…One of the Mexicans, a young lady, drifted out to deep water.  And she could not swim. Nor could anyone in her group.  She was in deep panic mode..


After I dragged her to shore, I walked over to my wife…

“Ya know……

(Long pause)

..if it hadn’t been for poisoned meat loaf, she’d be dead.”

And the wife…

like ALL wives do…

rolled her eyes.


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