San Bernardino terrorist lady haunts the shit out of me

mona (2)Before I write a story, the seed of an idea, from the Internet, or TV show, or YMCA experience, or trip to Walmart, slips into my head.  There, it bounces around like a pong ball for days or even weeks…then I write about it.

Same thing with images.

At first, we did not see a picture of  the terrorist lady of San Bernardino.  And that created a void that many of us, including myself, filled from within our brains.

Then, finally, her picture appeared.  Then one or two more.

Jesus….haunting…what was it????   As always, her image entered my brain and ponged about for days.  Could not put my finger on it.

Then the image stopped ponging, and dropped out on my table….and the result is what you see here.

Was about to explain….but the picture explains it all.


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