Chris Christie is the worst piece of shit on the planet

(Have not seen anything on this…)

Let’s say you and I are close friends….I am driving through a busy intersection and see your six year old child, wandering, alone, looking a bit dazed.

I stop and check on your child.  Check for injuries..ask if hungry…ask why he/she is here…immediately try to call you…then bring child home.

Two weeks later, you, after giving much thought, go on national TV. At that time, you accuse me of being a child molestor.

That is similar to what happened at this week’s debate.

New Jersey was devastated by Hurricane Sandy in 2012.  Billions in damage.  Being a blue state, Republicans sent the CLEAREST of messages…GO FUCK YOURSELF, NEW JERSEY.

Governor Chris Christie was desperate for help.  And President Obama stepped forward and saved the day.  And Christie was E FUCKING FUSIVE in his praise of Obama.

So, Christie’s Republican colleagues let him twist, but Democratic President Obama saved him.

Which leads us to the debate from the other night.  Christie, obviously guided by the Republican principle of WHAT THE FUCK HAVE YOU DONE FOR ME LATELY,  responded to a question by calling Obama a ‘feckless weakling’.  Not making this up.

Upon witnessing this, I jumped out of my seat and screamed at the set (and I live by myself).

Up until now, I have given Donald Trump credit for saying ALL of the top ten worst things during the campaign.

Chris Christie just jumped to the top.

I had actually considered voting for Christie.  Now I would even vote for TED F. CRUZ before Christie.


If you had done this to me, I would have ditched you for life.



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