Dancing with Black Women

wpid-wp-1435886169051.jpegSooooo, I pull up to the bank yesterday in order to use the ATM. I am playing music, loudly, in my car. The song I am playing is called Love Train by the band con funk shun.

I start to open the door as a black woman, in her mid-thirties, walks up in front of the door and starts dancing to the music. She is turning in a circle, waving her finger, and Lawdy, she is shaking that thang.

So what am I to do? I can’t get out the door, she’s got that blocked. I could drive on, but that would be so rude. So I decide that I will dance with her. But I’m inside the car, and its not a big car, and I’m a big guy.

So I really do try to dance. But as I move around I am constantly bumping into everything. It just looks so fucking stupid.

Black lady proudly tells me that she knows the name of the song and the name of the group. But she doesnt. She doesn’t have a clue.

I corrected her, in the most gentle way imaginable. I don’t want her getting mad at me, and I don’t want her to stop shaking that thang.

The song eventually ends. The next song is a boring white guy song, so she leaves. I leave the car, and get money out of the ATM.

Just another day in the life of and old big fool.


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