Donald in the night…sung to Strangers in the Night

Donald in the nightttt…

What were the chances?

Mexicans will fighttt…

presidential advances

The feeling was so right…

for Donald…in….the….nighttttt

Losers, pigs, and uglies…

They not so happyyyy

Women oozing bloodddd…

Made him feel crappyyy…

Muslims no entreeeeee

For Donald in the nighttttt…..

Donald picked on Jeb Bush!

Now Jeb is deeper than a welfare mama’s tussssshhhh….

Then Donald focused on Benny the Doc.

Who pounded his mommy with a rock.

White House just a glance away,

Can someone keep Manson at bay..


I am packing upppp…

my bags and goodies…

clothes, pots and pans….

and a few hoodies..

cuz I’m going to Canadaaaa..

if Donald wins the fightttt

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